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Berghs explores the Internet of Things world collaboration with IoT Sweden

The Swedish model, where development is based on people’s needs, is the perfect platform for the Internet of Things. Sweden has the infrastructure, the expertise, and the resources needed. But, for our great ideas to have a global impact, we must collaborate, and we must act NOW!

In Berghs Explore 2018, more than 150 students were invited to create new innovation and communication ideas inspired by the societal challenges that IoT Sweden’s projects are focusing on. The students visited seven of IoT Sweden’s project teams to understand challenges and problems.

According to the concept of “Shared Value”, the students then presented a fictitious example of how an existing commercial company can create value for their business as well as for society, by solving societal challenges. The results are presented in the films below.

For more information about the Strategic Innovation Programme IoT Sweden, visit

Östersund Municipality/Åre Municipality: IoT for Public Health through Sports and Outdoor Life

Challenge: Use IoT and gamification to increase physical activity among children and youth.

Lasse-Maja Public Health

A problem solving app that enables children to discover and examine evidence in their own neighborhood.

Netflix Netflix Public Health

We aim to get people to walk for at least 15 minutes a day and at the same time use Netflix Explore, an interactive story that only moves when you do.

Pedigree Public Health

Children become the owners of a virtual dog who needs to be walked in the real world as a way of developing good habits towards physical activity.

Gothenburg City: Better Air and Water with IoT in Gothenburg

Challenge: The quality of air and water affects everyone. With the help of sensors, you can easily learn about the nature of the air and the water via apps.

Apotea Pollen Allergy

Air sensors on packages distributed all over Sweden enable Apotea to send the allergy medication to the patient´s home even before the need arises, via an app patients can feedback their symptoms daily.

Fjällräven Air Pollution

The classic Kånken backpack measures air quality to make sure that commuters take a route that exposes them to the fewest emissions – all through an app.

IKEA Better Indoor Air Quality

With the help of sensors that measure humidity / sun / nutrient requirements, anyone who wants to have living green plants at home can succeed while improving indoor air. The app also facilitates the care of the plants.

Kungsbacka Municipality: IoT-hub School

Challenge: How IoT can solve challenges in the school´s learning environment.

Teenage Engineering Hygiene & Infection Spread

Hand hygiene of preschool kids is supported by a sensor, showing different colored lights and symbols, and makes sound to remind kids to wash their hands.

Study Peace

Headphones that sense brain activity, heart activity, and movement, that adapt the music so that the listener can read without disturbance.

Neftlix (Netflix)

By measuring children's eye movements while reading subtitles, dyslexia can be discovered earlier.

Skellefteå Municipality: IoT in Health and Social Care in Skellefteå

Challenge: IoT enables the elderly to live in their own homes for longer and help them play a more active role in society.

Prevent Damages

A bracelet with sensors can predict fall accidents. Data from the bracelet is collected and thus improves the system.

Nintendo 65+ Counteract Isolation and Loneliness

To counter the loneliness that many elderly people feel, an interactive voice-controlled online game is created, where older people can invite their friends to play.


A voice-controlled hearing aid that guides the wearer to their destination.

Linköpings Municipality: The Playful Internet of Things

The IoT hub creates a real and changing playground with IoT solutions that will awaken the children’s thoughts on sustainability, inclusion and gender equality.

ACO Prevent Exposure to Ultra Violet Radiation

Parents register their child's skin type in an app and via a bracelet with ultra violet radiation sensor, which the child is equipped with, and the parents then get live data about the radiation their child’s exposed to.

SEB Understanding the
Value of Money

How do you teach kids the value of money if money isn’t physical? With the digital equivalent of a swear jar which can be controlled via Google Home. Each swear word increase the costs for the person identified through a voice recognition app.

Public Health

When the digital meetings replace physical meetings, one misses the body language – a key component of communication. A sensor-enhanced table tennis racket sees when other players are nearby, analyzes your game, finds opponents, and suggests matches.

Sotenäs Municipality: Implementation of IoT to create Circular Industrial Symbiosis

Challenge: One company’s unused energy and materials become a resource for another.


By recycling coffee capsules via connected recycling stations, aluminum can be recycled and the cost of the next bike is reduced.

Recycling / Reusing

The idea is to re-use clothes by equipping each garment with a chip of information on the content, size and washing instructions of the fabric, and providing suggestions of combinations to the owner of the garment, or find buyers looking for similar garments nearby.

Pollution / Recycling

The caps of PET bottles are not recycled to the same extent as the bottles themselves. As a result, the sea is polluted, by millions of bottle caps. By attaching the capsule to the bottle and splitting up the recycle returned money into two parts, with or without the cap, more plastic would be recycled.

Sundsvall Municipality: IoT for Accessibility

Challenge: Everyone must be granted access to society, regardless of function variations or age, and sensors can provide that information in real time.

Björn Borg

By equipping women's training garments with sensors that both blink and start an assault alarm with automatic location sharing via GPS, women can feel safer while exercising outdoors in the evening.

Trygg Hansa

Areas covered by snow, areas where the snow has been removed and which routes the snow removers take, seen by the use of an app, helps everyone's accessibility.


With this concept, anyone can make money by shoveling snow-covered areas. Sensors send information via an app to where the snow needs to be removed. The snow is sold to energy companies for use in cooling.